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  • Intervention im Öffentlichen Raum
  • Hamburg, 2018

  • Kooperation:
  • Seebrücke Hamburg

  • Mit:
  • Olivia Amon
    Philip Peters
    Hannes von Coler
    Steffen Albrecht
    Sofia dos Santos

  • In the context of a demonstration, a monument was to be erected to those who died during their escape, which was intended to draw attention to the humanitarian catastrophe as well as to set an example against the illegalisation of sea rescue and in favour of safe escape routes.
    We decided against erecting a monument, as this suggests a completed process in the classical sense. This form is inappropriate in view of the deaths that continue to this day. Therefore, we adopted the identity of the city of Hamburg and erected a shrouded object in its name, marked as the construction site of a future memorial.
    The action was stopped by the police while it was still being erected. The distancing from the action and the clearing of the construction site on behalf of the city should have illustrated how serious the city council really is about its designation of Hamburg as a "safe haven".

    Text: Problemprotokoll der Öffentlichen Gestaltungsberatung