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  • Philip Peters
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    Thies Warnke

  • An additional support room was needed at Tavros 2nd Elementary School. The copy, key, storage and bell room next to the teachers' room was designated for this function. A discussion with the current support teacher revealed the relevance of the teaching person to the design and equipment of the room. The school administration had not yet decided who would take over the second position and occupy the space. Therefore, three room concepts were developed to allow for future participation.

    The wall shelf was to remain part of the room and serve as the central functional unit. It was divided into three colored areas: an apricot one containing items for the children, an olive green one for the teacher, and a blue area. The color scheme of the shelving picks up the original existing colors of the room. For the children's area, all drawers were removed from the wall shelf. The drawers that became obsolete were combined to create a new stand-alone cabinet unit.

    In order to unify the lighting of the room, new panels were installed on the sockets.

    A handover protocol was created to give the new teacher an overview and understanding of the room. The room was not completely designed in this sense and is to be understood as a basic framework for a development following the handover and to support the further planning.

    Text: Problemprotokoll der Öffentlichen Gestaltungsberatung