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  • Ferienprogramm für Kinder
  • Zürich, 2019

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  • Zonalux

  • Site-specific theatre and site-specific art in urban space, in a school building or a leisure facility. This means leaving the rehearsal room and going to unusual or even quite ordinary places indoors or outdoors. These provide an occasion to look at public space and its historical, architectural and social contexts, and to take a new look at the spaces of one's own everyday life. Artistic actions make the places visible, question them, give them new meanings and make them historically tangible. The performers' and passers-by' perception of the places and spaces around them is thus sharpened and challenged.
    In the workshop we conduct interviews, use materials, develop site-specific actions and artworks, research and perform. For example, we transform an unnoticed place into a shimmering work of art with gold foil and rubber gloves, intervene in public places with a dance performance that plays with the architecture, or challenge passers-by to experiment in the urban space with instructions for action.

    Text: ZonaLux