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  • Bloop Group: The Abyssal Years 2022-2025

  • graduation project
  • Berlin/Hamburg, february 2022

  • Mit:
  • Philip Peters (Sound)
    Zohar Fraiman (Voice)

  • Deep sea mining is an extractivist practice that has kept business and politics busy for decades with fluctuating interest, but has never actually taken place. In the context of the climate crisis and the question of where the minerals for solar panels and car batteries should come from, there is now a run on the deep sea: there, in the form of manganese nodules and other mineral deposits, lie the treasures that, from the point of view of opaque corporations, are supposed to guide us into a sustainable future and are now to be mined.

    What are the ecological and social implications of the exploitation of this hitherto barely explored nature-space? What power structures between international political organisations and economic actors determine access to the so-called "common heritage of mankind" in extraterritorial areas? In the form of an open work process that archives text, imagery, 3D data, sound material as well as open-source map-data, an interactive installation is intended to enable an engagement with this assemblage of topics.